Friday, August 30, 2013

Dinosaur Fun!

At least a before this theme you will want to make dinosaur eggs! They smell fantastic and the kids were fascinated with them! You will need plastic dinosaurs and
1 cup flour
1 cup coffee grounds (I ask local quick stop to save used ones)
1/2 c salt
1/4 c sand
3/4 c water

And drying time (1 week or so). I did a triple batch and it was enough to make 2 eggs to cover a 6" dinosaur. I put them in the sandbox for the kids to discover on their own and would also work great in an indoor sand table!

 A basic salt dough and I cut out some dinosaur foot prints and letters for their first name

 Sensory fun.....a dinosaur bath and dinosaurs in shaving cream. I also put dinosaurs in the sandbox for the week

 I used a white crayon and my dinosaur rubbing plate for a fun dinosaur art exploration. Watercolors make the dinosaurs magically appear!

One of our favorite books to read. We also stomped, roared and walked like we thought dinosaurs might be like.

Dinosaurs with playdough is always a favorite to make tracks with!

Dinosaur lacing 
 and a dinosaur lunch!

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