Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here we GO! (it's all about transportation)

Traffic Lights
Kids LOVE traffic lights. I am sure you have plenty of back seat drivers like me who tell you when to stop and go! This fun project brings them to life!

I traced a bowl on white paper and had the kids rip the construction paper up for me!
Have the kids glue the pieces onto the circles. I lightly water down glue and let them paint the glue onto the circles. Let dry and then have the kids glue onto black paper.

Finished Stop Lights.
 Transportation Scavenger Hunt 

Print of transportation word cards. I then lay them down upside down or fan out like cards in my hand and have each child pick a card. They then have to go hunt through the space to find the word/picture on their card.
Variations: Who can find me something that starts with a "P"  or a "P" sound?
Give them the toy and have them find the card
Homemade Roadway

Another great way to talk about shapes and colors with a fun twist as they will get to use their roadway to drive their cars on!

Drawing lines is great writing and motor control practice

The Name Train
This great matching project reinforces their name spelling as well as letter recognition and shape color recognition. I made the engines and glued together along with one long black strip for the train cars to glue onto. I then wrote their name on individual white squares and on one big piece of paper.  We read their name together, said each letter and then I had them mix up their white squares. I would then (in order) point to a letter and have them find that letter that matches and glue it onto the car.

 Have them glue on some wheels and then go through the letters of their name again
Finished Name Trains