Monday, February 4, 2013

Zoo Fun

We started our zoo theme today with the Giraffe :)
We learned that giraffes have long necks, legs and tongues.
We traced my foot and cut out a long neck and then used our fingers to create the spots they have
Then we took a big piece of paper and measured out 18" as that is how long a giraffe tongue is. It's long to help them get the leaves off the trees.

We walked around and practiced how high of things we could reach with our long tongues
Then we tied kale chip to a string and tried to get it with our tongues (and no hands). It wasn't very easy so we brainstormed how a long tongue would help us "grab" the leaves.
Then we watched a youtube clip of giraffe tongues and got to see how they use their tongues and their tongues are not red/pink like our tongues.

 Fun and easy art project. White "horse" cut out. Dip a small ball in black paint and roll stripes on. I had 20 month olds who sat and this this forever, just sliding the tub back and forth watching the stripes go on and ball roll around!

Alligator Ring Toss fun!

 Paper plate monkey art!
 Monkey treats! Banana's with peanut butter spread on them and rolled in rice crispies :)

We had zoo animals in the sand box and inside where we had zoo's made from blocks and whatever we could find!

Zoo Keepers! I set the animals all around the house and we would pick a food, and find what animal eats that food. The kids absolutely LOVED this!

Feeding the animals

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