Sunday, December 16, 2012

Transportation Part 2

More transportation fun........
 Toilet paper tube airplanes. Have kids paint tubes and let dry. Have them glue on wing shapes and circles for the windows. We also rolled up black construction paper to make the nose and end.
 Fun and easy. The kids did this for 20 minutes making different tracks and even roll playing construction scenes. I did add different colors and you can also add salt or sand for a texture effect (and noise)
 Transportation Shadows on the wall. Print out different vehicles, let kids color or paint and glue onto Popsicle sticks.
 Paper plate boats with triangle sails that the kids colored with crayons.
 Transportation shadow match game let to the picture below when the kids thought the old plane shadow was a ladder. We talked about old planes and looked pictures up on the kindle and then watched the Wright Brothers first flight :)

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